Do You Sleep Better
With Your Boyfriend
by your side?

But you might live separately?

Or, do they travel for work? 

Or… You just can’t get enough of his cute face?


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Ive got to say that this pillow was a cute addition to my bed. My husbands face is a bonus, but I love curling up and putting my legs over it. I'm a side sleeper so I used to always shove pillows under me to get cozy, so the length of this pillow is great for that.

Cindy MacDougall

Now you can have all the benefits of sleeping with a partner while being 100% certain to not have the covers stolen in the middle of the night with SideBae Pillow!

It Will Put A Smile Your Face Every Night!

Even when they can't be there for to cuddle, you'll feel like you have your loves your presence!

Better Sleep!

Our design makes it very comfortable for side sleepers.

Better Mood!

It's proven that good sleep makes you happy, loving and energetic

Feel Closer

Even during these times, we can reimagine connections!

Friends with

SideBae Pillow


Designed For Cuddle Lovers

A comfortable spot, just like in his arms!

Highest Quality Print

After you upload a photo of your boyfriend, his exact picture is printed so clearly, that he may want to start cuddling himself...

Made Out Of The Softest Fabric

A soft place to lay your head and cozy-up, like sleeping on clouds

It's Machine Washable

It is always a pleasure, when your Sidebae smells great

Other Benefits:

You will love this Pillow for its comfort!

Your MainBae will approve!

(But Mostly because your whole body will feel like it is sleeping on clouds!)

You might not see each other as often, because of the lockdown...

Show him how much you care! Surprise him with this hilarious pillow. (that you get to keep for your own comfort)

You'll Love this pillow, for it unique customization!

Every night you'll go to sleep cuddling a pillow with his hilarious, and handsome
face on it!

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47 Reviews

The only SideBae you’ll ever want in your life…

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