Personalized 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

$45.00 $39.50

Gifting someone an ordinary puzzle with a boring image is so 2001.

So we’ve stepped it up for you, with this personalized Jigsaw puzzle (you’re welcome).


We’ve made puzzle-making extremely rewarding and personalizable!

What we’re saying is that you can turn your most liked Instagram selfie into a 1000 piece personalized puzzle. You can put whatever you want on the puzzle, like literally anything (rgg). From silly to hilarious to just downright ridiculous!

What this all comes down to, is that you didn’t know you needed a puzzle version of your face? The fact that you don’t already have one is shocking.

All you need to do is upload a clear picture and you’ll receive your very own puzzle (or you can surprise the heck out of your relative or friend and we can ship it directly to them!)
The puzzle is available in portrait or landscape orientation.

Sit around and make a meaningful puzzle, that’s worth all that time and effort to make!