Mini-Me Pillow

A perfect Mother’s day gift, made by you, for your favorite person!

$65.00 $44.98

Create your very own adorable and memorable custom-made photo pillow, and send it to your friends or relatives! 

We all could use a hug and bridge the distance between the people we love and care for, but it can be hard right now.

That’s exactly why we created this pillow! We reimage connections in a fun and memorable way!

At the bottom of this page, all you’ve got to do is pick a costume for your Mini-me. Then upload an HD photo or take a quick selfie. Then our skilled graphic designer will get to work to create an adorable version of you.

Can’t find what you are looking for? OR do you wear something that really distinguishes you from everyone else? Then we can even make a costume that’s as special as you!

We pride ourselves on ensuring we only send you the best quality print, and after you order, we email you a confirmation of an actual mock-up of your Mini-Me before we pack your Mini-Me version all up for the comfortable journey from Sunny-Side California. 
Unfortunately, we have all become distant from our close family and friends. Whether you’re living away from home, or your visitations are not as often as they used to be.
We’ve created the Mini-Me pillow for you, to bring joy and humor to whoever receives it!
Perfect for:
  • Sending a Mini-Me to your parents, if you live abroad due to school or work.
  • For long-distance couples who want to have a good laugh.
  • Celebrating Graduations: Give a Mini-Me to a young adult to remember their huge milestone forever.
  • Reminding your Grandparents of who still loves and cares for them.
  • Or as a gift to a child, who dreams of becoming a superhero! Simply turn them into one with Mini-Me.
  • Crafted in USA and Canada
  • The print will never fade: Made with the highest quality printing.
  • Made from super-soft material, and high-quality polyester filling.
  • Hand washable: grab a soapy cloth and whip it down with hot water. Need it cleaner? through it into the washing machine, and air dry.
-How to order?
1) Simply go to the form below, and select your desired costume, then upload a selfie or any HD image. That’s it! 2) Do not worry about backgrounds etc, we have super designers who will edit and crop the backgrounds. 3) Before we ship out your order, we will send a confirmation email with the mock-up design. You will have a couple of days to confirm the final design, which we will then send it off for creation and stuffing.
Free Shipping on all orders in USA / Canada (Need it ASAP? we have an expedited option for $15) Processing time 3-5 Days Shipping 7+
Total waiting time: about 9-12 days.