Does your Child get separation anxiety for Mommy or Daddy?

Hopefully the only “SideBae” your child will have.¬†

  • The pandemic may have accustomed our kids to always have us around. Ease their transition to having you away
  • Show them how much you care for them
  • Or… Just be silly (there are lots of benefits to SideBae Pillow)
47 reviews

Sally had always cried when her father left for work, Dave saw this and got her this pillow for Christmas. We joked about it working, she cried for a few days, but after some time she stopped because I would remind her of this pillow. I also use it in the TV room.

Monique Ross

It Will Put A Smile on their Face Every Night!

Even when you can't be there to tuck them in, they'll feel your loving presence

Better Sleep!

Our design makes it very comfortable for side sleepers.

Better Mood!

It's proven that good sleep makes you happy, loving and energetic

The Feeling of being Closer

Even during these times, we can reimagine connections!

SideBae Pillow


Designed For Cuddlers

A comfortable spot, just like in their parent's arms!

Highest Quality Print

Once you upload your photo, the exact picture is printed so clearly, that your kid might prefer only cuddling it...

Made Out Of The Softest Fabric

A soft place to lay their head and fall asleep really fast, Just like sleeping on clouds

It's Machine Washable

It is always a pleasure, when your Sidebae smells great

Your Kid will love this Pillow for its comfort!

and Papa will approve!

Show them how much you care!...

Surprise them with this hilarious pillow.

You'll Love this pillow, for it unique customization!

Every night they'll go to sleep cuddling a pillow with your
face on it!

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47 Reviews

The only SideBae you’ll ever want in your life…

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