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Re-imagining Connections.

We are the most unique pillow created to connect cuddles, even when far apart 

Why SideBae

Because the pandemic F*&kn sucks, and we all just love to cuddle with our favorite person! But some people don’t have that option every day. Does someone come to mind? Or could it be you or your child ?


Dafaq is a side-bae?

side-bae:  the other Boy she jokes about having, the other Boy she’s with when you’re not around, the substitute Cuddler!

SideBae Pillow:  your own Custom Pillow that promotes better sleep, reduces separation anxiety, and shows how much we mean to each other

Imagine them falling asleep easy at night with a smile, knowing you love them?

(psst:) Btw, this pillow has other benefits that they’ll love you for it, check them out on the buttons below!

Hello 🙂

We’re SideBaePillow. We know the lonely feeling of being apart from your favourite person.

That’s why we made SideBaePillow for You:

A hilariously unique product that puts your face on a full body length comfortable pillow. Girlfriends and children love it because it lets them feel close to you, reduces separation anxiety, sleep well, be comforted, and get cuddles on all while having a laugh!